Lumia 925 Launch

Showing, not telling, creates a more impactful experience with stunning results.

To launch Nokia’s new Lumia 925 phone, Touch devised a creative communications strategy based around “showing, not telling.” The Lumia 925 features Nokia’s most advanced camera yet, so we designed a series of experiences that demonstrated its brilliance to a large audience of media and industry analysts.

Two hundred media members got their hands on the new phone at Victoria House on Bloomsbury Square, a London venue that we transformed from a blank canvas into a Nokia-branded space packed with exciting hands-on demos. Touch was responsible for all event management, registration, and creative elements of the event, including inviting the 200 media members from all across the world, securing nearby hotels, and assisting with travel.

From the invitation through every aspect of the event, the theme of “More than your eyes can see” was brought to life. After a walk-through deploying a number of optical illusions, the event started with a press briefing, where we provided power and wired internet connectivity to 200 individual seats, plus facilities for camera crews and live streaming.

Once the phone had been revealed, the media and industry analysts experienced the key features in a series of demos, each highlighting a benefit of the camera and software. No wonder Jo Harlow, Nokia’s executive vice president in charge of Smart Devices, introduced the Lumia 925 as “Nokia’s best smartphone ever.”
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