Brand Strategy Development

Broadening the brand image with services.

Martela is known as the leading Finnish office furniture company, creating solutions to inspire people at their work. However, both existing and potential clients did not know that Martela also offers a full selection of services, and Martela salesmen were not adequately equipped to sell those services to their clients.

Together with Martela, Touch reviewed the existing strategy and vision for the company. During that process, we developed a new Driving Idea and relevant messaging for the services. After the strategy was agreed upon, it rolled out in the form of a road show that engaged the management and  sales personnel throughout Finland. We were able to successfully create sales support materials and an intriguing marketing campaign across several media channels.

The feedback from the Martela team was extremely positive throughout the country. The campaign brought fresh life and character to the services business, and gave excitement to the whole Martela brand.
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