Ministry of Employment & the Economy of Finland

Enterprise Finland Brand Campaign

Helping a nation find new ways to succeed.

The Finnish public sector provides a wealth of information and hundreds of services for companies of all sizes. Enterprise Finland (Yritys-Suomi) brings all these services and information together, helping entrepreneurs establish, run, and develop their business. In early 2013, Enterprise Finland asked Touch to help strengthen their brand and increase its use within the business community.

Together with the communications agency Manifesto and the great team from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Touch went to the roots of the service, discovering as much as possible about how it works, its users, and its service providers. During this first phase of the project, the new brand and its marketing and communications strategies were created, and the look and feel of the brand was renewed.

After the background work was completed and internally launched for various stakeholders, Touch had a solid base on which to build. We generated a campaign concept presenting eight entrepreneurs from around the country. Their real stories provided the inspiration we wanted to share, which in turn inspired people across the country to take a new attitude towards entrepreneurship.

The launch of the campaign spanned television, web-TV, in radio promotional partnerships, online banners, a campaign website, and print advertising. The message in all channels was the same: “Inspiration toward success” (Innosta menestykseen). Our aim was not only to inspire entrepreneurs, but also to share this new attitude within governmental organizations. Enterprise Finland provides these services and really commits to help clients achieve their dreams.

As a result of the new brand launch, the number of Enterprise Finland users has increased significantly. The next stage is to create an electronic workspace for entrepreneurs as well as promote it among university and college students.
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