World Expo Shanghai

Connecting the Boeing brand to the fastest growing airline passenger market in the world.

At the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, Boeing asked Touch to help amplify their presence inside the U.S. pavilion by creating an experience to engage attendees around the thrill of travel. To achieve this, Touch designed a large-scale walk-up digital display that integrated user-generated content into the visitor experience via social media.

By curating real time travel-themed photos and personal stories via Twitter and Flickr, Touch created a social media stream that fed content to a 10 x 10 foot interactive motion-sensing display wall as well as a live stream on a dedicated Boeing website.

In addition to connecting the Boeing brand to the fastest-growing market for airline passengers, this interactive live experience connected travelers across the world. Furthermore, the display of tracking data of Boeing flights between the US and China provided a poignant expression of Boeing’s place in the Chinese market.
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